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e-Reporting Software For Pharma Field Force

Sales Reporting – Fast and Easy

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What is MRWebPlus?

Mindedge Solutions has delivered a flexible and cost effective CRM solution for the pharma industry sales forces. Fast and easy to use and maintain, MRWebPlus enables instant call reporting data thereby empowering teams to increase profitability through better customer relationship management.


Collation and Maintenance

Stockists and Chemists - Records of order booking and closing stock details...

Dashboard on login

Each user can see pending tasks, reminders, appointment calendar...

Login with Restricted Access

Individual login ids and passwords with restricted access to specific roles.

Expense Tracking

This module allows the sales representatives to enter expenses incurred...


Over 10,000 Satisfied Users


Rental Model Available


Get Real Time Reports


Reduce Costs and Save Time

MrWebplus on Mobile

Equipping your staff with MrWebPlus Mobile gives you the edge over your competitors with access to accounts, sales deals, service cases, and schedules while on the road.


MrWebplus SAAS!

MrWebPlus is now also available in SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) Module.

MRWebPlus has been successfully accepted by our MR team. It has reduced the pain of filling up cumbersome forms repeatedly and re-entering the data in another application, thereby saving time and effort. We have been able to considerably reduce costs and are getting our reports very quickly. MRWEbPlus also enables us to update our MRs online about information on products and doctors thereby increasing efficiency of our team.

Mr. Gopal Newatia Managing Director, Panbross Pharmaceuticals

Discipline & timely assessment are the key to better sales ! Real Time reports ensure higher reliability of MIS reports & more importantly it enables on time assessment & not just post-mortem analysis. We were a medium sized company facing a lot of challenges with our existing operations – low call average, false reporting, untimely reports, motivating the performers to report on time in every budget meeting and most important problem was timely assessment in absence of reports. Assessment was manual and through Excel, making things prone to mistakes, complicated and highly time taking. Expansion was out of question, till we could streamline our existing operations. After MRWEB assessment is easy. Just one person is sufficient to manage the entire marketing MIS. We actually do Mid- Month Analysis and take corrective actions. Besides, when your team can do timely self assessment, its easier to guide them. Call average has increased for sure & it is reflected in terms of sales. We are planning to double up our team strength without the worries to expand our Marketing office size & MIS people. The best part of MRWEB is Manishji & his team. Their co-operation & timely service & the interest shown to meet the client requirements is surely going to take this software to greater heights. And from the perspective of implementation it is as easy as TALLY. The screen shots are simple & the whole thing works fast on normal connections. As a whole it’s a good package!

Mr. Shyam Damani CEO, Quality Pharma Products Pvt. Ltd.

Improvement has been noticed after implementation of MRWebPlus as our online reporting system. This fabulous reporting system has been accepted by our field representatives and they are enjoying a lot.

Mr. Biswajit Chakraborty General Manager, ArEx Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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